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there's no point in mucking with 24 and leaving an old alignment.  the last US-24 cutout is gone as of 2005 or so.

You should probably just uber-upgrade Powers Blvd. into I-425 on to facilitate through traffic


Yeah upgrading Powers Blvd is good too, but they should just finish the 24 freeway. I'm sure it will reduce some commute times.

Matter of fact, Powers is indeed being built with a future upgrade to freeway status in mind.  CDOT recently did a route swap - they turned back a few nearby state highways, and now they are instead responsible for Powers, which is now signed as SH 21.  I think for the time being, most major junctions are still at-grade intersections, but the right-of-way has been purchased so that interchanges can be built when traffic counts and finances allow.

The High Plains Traveler:
The next piece of Powers (CO-21) that will probably be constructed is from its north end at CO-83 to I-25, coming out near the north Air Force Academy exit. However, Colorado is so bereft of funding for new construction that that extension is not currently funded or scheduled. Upgrade to freeway through the Springs has totally uncertain timing. On the south end, there are conflicting plans to either extend CO-21 south around Fountain and intersect I-25 between the Pikes Peak Speedway and the Nixon power plant (sort of the "I-425" model), or even to extend it south parallel to I-25 to provide a corridor between Colorado Springs and northern Pueblo County, where there is a proposal to develop the area east of I-25 a la Pueblo West. The city of Pueblo is looking at annexing this area because of the development proposal. But, with no funding, these are just interesting lines on a map.

And, just to include some route number trivia, newly designated CO-21 (Powers) has two end-to-end route termini; on the north with CO-83 and on the south with CO-16.


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