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TL;DR-- I am trying to get a photo of every state highway in Ohio, and I plan to get a piece of southwestern Ohio done early next week.  Check back for new photos.

So a lot of the people on this forum have devised some kind of way to achieve travel completionism, whether it's county clinching, highway clinching, or something else.  If you aren't familiar, my travel goals include a standalone route marker photo for every Interstate, every US highway, and 3 state highways from each state.  I also have goals for getting a photo of every Interstate, US highway, and state highway in 5 Midwestern states within my reach: Illinois (complete), Indiana (1 away), Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa.  I have decided recently that Ohio would be decently possible from my position, as well, even though Ohio has far more distinct state highways than any other state I've tried to conquer before.  I've been able to whittle the remaining Ohio highways down to four more trips, corresponding to the NW, NE, SW, and SE sections of the state.  The NE and SE trips will be much longer than the SW and NW ones, partly because they're closer to my home in Illinois and partly because I have many more routes to cover in the eastern sections of Ohio (I have many Ohio routes covered already in the west half of the state).

So I'll have a slew of photos from southwestern Ohio banked and ready to post in the middle of next week!  The current breadth of my Ohio route collection can be seen here, and the shield cutout images are here.  Both albums will be updated sometime around October 11.

Next week, weather permitting, I'll be driving down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I'm going to clinch I-55 and I-12 on the way there, meaning I'll have to loop from Hammond to Laplace to Baton Rouge to Hammond into Mississippi.  Then, I'm clinching I-59 and I-24 on the way back, plus I-169.  (I'm only missing the section of I-24 east of Nashville.)  I'm not sure how posting photos is going to work, since Flickr won't be the place where I store or host my photos anymore.  Hopefully I'll figure out how sharing works with my new cloud.

How much of the interstate system have you driven now?  Seems like a fair amount of it judging from your posts.


--- Quote from: AsphaltPlanet on January 15, 2019, 09:57:54 AM ---How much of the interstate system have you driven now?  Seems like a fair amount of it judging from your posts.

--- End quote ---

I haven't clinched much of anything.  My main goal is to visit a highway rather than clinch the whole thing--I want a photo of every US and Interstate shield, which involves nothing more than encountering that highway.  It leads to a great diversity of photos but not a lot of full-on clinching.  This map thanks to user @Jim's Travel Mapping site shows the extent of the Interstate highway system I have driven.  I only really keep track of Interstates and Illinois state highways in terms of clinching, but clinching isn't the highest priority goal of mine.

^ That's fair.  I figured that clinching wasn't your primary purpose (it isn't mine either), but you do seem to cover some ground.  I hope you enjoy your trip.


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