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Bridges that were originally draw bridges

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Dirt Roads:
Previously, the Smiths Creek bridge on Castle Hayne Road in Wilmington, North Carolina was an old drawbridge that hasn't been used in many years.  Castle Hayne Road was formerly US-117 and more recently was NC-133.  However, the through structure was severely damaged by a truck back in 2021 and the bridge was deemed unsafe and closed.  NC-133 was relocated onto Martin Luther King [Jr] Blvd (aka US-74).  No word on a replacement date.

This US 130 grated bridge in Westville & Brooklawn, NJ has the appearance it may have been once a bascule bridge.  Looking at it from the side, it would have swung up on the Brooklawn side. 

No idea if it was ever utilized as a movable bridge though - it's due to be replaced starting later this year, and I don't recall NJDOT stating in their documents and discussions that it was ever actually movable.

There is another drawbridge - a lift bridge - further south on US 130 about 4 miles south of the Commodore Barry Bridge that was built as a lift bridge, but it was never used as such.

I don't believe any of the low-level bridges in Wilmington crossing the Christina River are operational anymore, even though the city/state decided to leave the gates and watchtowers in place at each of them. 


Market Street:
Walnut Street:
4th Street:

The Holton Street viaduct in Milwaukee was a bascule when initially built.

On the thirty-second image, there's a picture of it in original condition.

The recently replaced Philo-Duncan Falls Bridge over the Muskingum River in Muskingum County, OH had a swing through truss span over the entrance to a lock. The feds stopped operation of the locks on the Muskingum River in 1954, turning the system over to the state for recreational usage. It's unlikely anything large enough to need the swing span ever transited the bridge, at least in its last decades of life. The swing span was definitely inoperable in the bridge's last years of service.


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