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On a couple of posts, I recommended that the two main bridges that carry the northern section of Florida SR 115 should either be widened to accommodate separate bike lanes protected by dividers, or flanked with new bridges alongside them meant just for bikes and pedestrians, 

This has made me think of one other bridge that could probably use bikeway extensions: The US 17 Bridge over the St. Mary's River between Florida and Georgia.

The question is, how should it be done? Should it be added to the existing structure on the other side of the concrete railing along the bridge, or should it be two different bikeways flanked along the sides?

I propose one of two extremes: :sombrero:
- Convert the existing bridge such that there is a single lane for vehicular traffic, and the other half of the bridge is dedicated for pedestrians and bicyclists.
- Convert the existing bridge into a one exclusively for pedestrians and bicyclists, and construct a new vehicular bridge alongside the existing one.


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