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2022 College Football Season

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Oregon State 30  Florida 3

At least the Pac-12 will not have an 0-fer and the SEC will not win them all!

Just suffered a gut punch at the end of the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl, with UCLA losing to Pittsburgh on a late field goal and an intercepted Hail Mary, 37-35.


--- Quote from: ran4sh on August 09, 2022, 07:23:52 PM ---I think the defending national champions will at least make it back to the CFP final game.

Go Dawgs!

--- End quote ---

Nothing like good defensive games played in the National Semifi----oh, I'm sorry.  It kind of reminded me of Arena Football or 7-on-7 practice.  I saw Princeton Tigers basketball game scores lower than these two games--when they had Pete Carril coaching there.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the occasional high scoring game, like 47-45 (Hail Flutie!).  However, with Georgia and Michigan giving up 12.8 ppg and 13.4 ppg respectively going into the National Semifinal games, one would have expected scores like 24-23 or 33-27, not 42-41 and 51-45.  But, that is the way College Football is going nowadays.

Wake Forest and ACC career TD pass leader Sam Hartman is transferring to Notre Dame as a grad transfer.


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