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Potential road trips (USA "fringes", Canada)

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--- Quote from: 1995hoo on September 19, 2022, 12:49:45 PM ---The Lake Superior route offers some other options, such as Manitoulin Island; if the OP is interested, the ferry from the Bruce Peninsula to Manitoulin is something different, and there are some decent places to stop on the Bruce Peninsula as well (Sauble Falls Provincial Park can be a decent stop if it's not too early or too late in the year, as the falls themselves can be an enjoyable swim).

--- End quote ---

Vehicle reservations on the ferry can be hard to get in season, so book ahead. That'd also make sure the ferry is running during your trip.

I had wanted to take the ferry when I was in Ontario this summer, but no vehicle space was available.

First, we've decided we can't afford to keep the trailer.  We will be selling it after it's all fixed, and we can come up with the difference between what it's worth and what we owe.  (That entails selling one of our other cars - long story.)

Also, we're thinking now toward taking Canada in smaller bites.  Thanks for the suggestions about Banff and Jasper in Alberta.


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