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The worst pain you’ve experienced

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Max Rockatansky:
Thing is, you have no baseline for how you would have felt with no vaccine or with a booster.  So how can you tangibly fully measure the affects of COVID on yourself when your data set is incomplete?

All I can say is I was violently ill. They made it seem like you would get only a very mild cold if you were fully vaccinated, and I got much more than that. I've gotten severe colds and it was worse than that, let alone a mild cold. I have no baseline to compare, but it seemed excessive for a disease I was supposedly "fully vaccinated" against, regardless of how I would have gotten it without the vaccine.


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You ain't whistlin' dixie.


--- Quote from: MultiMillionMiler on January 03, 2023, 03:08:31 PM ---Well they did make it sound like getting at least 2 doses would make your illness very mild and tolerable. As for how much worse it could have been there's no way to know, but given the "average severity" of a covid case even before the vaccine, I doubt my case was mild with the vaccine.

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That's the thing, COVID-19 had similar symptoms but reactions to it were much more unique from individual to individual. For some, it was a "common cold" that didn't even rank in the worst Top 10 of their personal illnesses. And for others, several days in the hospital, months of lingering symptoms, and even death. What we do know is that the vaccines seemed to quell the curve and greatly reduce the harsher side-effects of COVID-19. And there's no promise of 100% vaccine efficacy in all circumstances.

For me, it sucked for two days, but it then it was just an annoyance for a few days. My brother was laid out for two weeks. A buddy of mine was sick for a month. A co-worker of mine had zero symptoms but kept testing positive for two months (which kept putting off some necessary surgery). My kids' former teacher died as a result. From a health and well-being standpoint, everyone is different.

--- Quote from: bing101 on January 03, 2023, 01:39:58 PM ---I went through a near death experience at work one time and it was the worst I experienced.

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Not sure if this bears more discussion or not, but that's a personal choice. Hopefully you've had much more positive experiences from here on out, and came out stronger than what tested you in the first place.

For what it's worth, my wife has tested positive for covid twice—once before the vaccine was invented, once after. The first time I had it too, and it felt way worse than a cold. Mostly I remember the fever and whole-body soreness that felt like I had been working out every muscle in my body. After getting the vaccine, my wife tested positive after a coworker came down with it. My wife was entirely asymptomatic, and I didn't catch it from her at all despite her quarantining across the hall from me.

Now, this isn't a 100% scientific study because, among other things, they were different strains (alpha vs. omicron). But it was sufficient evidence for us to keep up with our boosters as recommended.

Anyway, although covid sucked and I don't want to get it again, it wasn't the worst pain I ever experienced. (Or even the worst illness—I think that was having strep.)


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