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The school bus topic looks like a good subject - I split it off and moved it to General Highway Talk - - The focus here is Alps's on the road adventures.


--- Quote from: Steve on October 05, 2011, 10:56:50 PM ---I found a remaining M-C Expressway shield on the 401 westbound just before the 403 split, between the two WB roadways. Unfortunately, being in the express lanes, there was no easy way to circle around for a photo, so I missed it. I'm posting the location so someone else can snag it for me (and submit to my site, pretty please?).
--- End quote ---

This photo has been online for a couple of years:

The lighting on the sign isn't fantastic, its a tricky sign to photograph, but if your desperate, you can use it on your site.

I'm desperate for someone to drive by during rush hour and snag a beautiful 12 MP closeup :-D

Dr Frankenstein:
I tried last weekend and failed. Rain, dark conditions, fast traffic...


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