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Road Trip to Michigan

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A.J. Bertin:
I know I'm a little late joining the discussion, but I second all the comments others have made. West Michigan is a great place. You'd be doing the right thing by taking I-196. Grand Rapids is a great city, and you'll quickly see the downtown skyline, but it sounds like you won't get to enjoy it at all.

If you happen to be heading north on U.S. 131 out of Grand Rapids on a Friday afternoon, expect heavy traffic (not necessary stop-and-go but heavy nonetheless). A lot of people from metro Grand Rapids head north for weekends over the summer. Once you're about 20 miles north of downtown Grand Rapids, the traffic thins out somewhat.

U.S. 131 and U.S. 31 are both scenic north of Grand Rapids and Muskegon respectively, but I agree with whoever said U.S. 31 is the more scenic of the two. Ludington is a lovely town, and it's a HUGE bummer that you won't be able to drive on M-22 at all. Traverse City is very nice too (one of my favorite Michigan vacation spots). Heck ... I'm smitten with all of northern Michigan!  :spin:

Enjoy your trip!


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