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Upcoming Road trip to Reno/SF

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--- Quote from: OCGuy81 on July 12, 2012, 12:07:30 AM ---On a recent trip up to central Oregon, my wife and I came into Portland to visit friends and headed back south on I-5.  As of two weeks ago, there were warning signs that OR-58 was closed (might be night only) east of Oakridge.

You may want to go US 20 across the mountains and then south on 97 and rejoin the 5 near Weed.  You get some really stunning views of Mt. Shasta that way!

--- End quote ---

Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that a while ago and totally forgot. I took 58 down to K-Falls a few months back and had to wait about 10 min. to go through the tunnel but now I guess they're doing more extensive construction inside the tunnel. Thanks for the reminder! We'll probably just take 22 and 20 to Bend then and just shoot down 97 to either 39/139 or back to I-5 to CA-89 and go past Shasta to Susanville and down 395..haven't checked the difference in distance yet.

I actually looked up and OR-58 is only closed from 8pm-6am and we would be traveling on it in the morning. However, I did look up alternate routes and according to Google maps, taking I-5 S all the way to Mt. Shasta then cutting over via CA-89 and 44 to Susanville is only 9 minutes longer (this is probably assuming I'm going exactly the speed limit the entire trip), and includes a lot more freeway. As I remember, the OR-58 to 97, then 39-139 route is more scenic than spending the majority of the trip on I-5, and we won't be in a big hurry to get there (although I've never travelled CA-89 or 44 through the Shasta and Lassen forests).

I'd recommend taking CA 89 through Lassen National Park and then head to Susanville via CA 36.  Also, McArthur-Burney State Park, just north of the 89-299 junction, is worth checking out (assuming it hasn't become a victim of budget cuts).

As for the northern CA coast, I've only been on CA 1 as far south as Mendocino, but it's gorgeous.

CA-1 is a beautiful route.  Not fast, but lovely.  Stop often and look around.

It's worth a side trip to Gowan's Oak Tree fruit stand on CA-128 a little bit west of Philo.  They have dozens of varieties of apples that they grow on their adjacent land, and the best apple cider in the world.  The adjacent state park, Hendy's Woods, is also very pretty and a good place for a picnic lunch.

A little farther north, I've particularly enjoyed Patrick's Point State Park.  It's got a nice campground with big spaces and trees and bushes between them for privacy.  There's a pebbly beach, redwoods, grasslands, views out to sea.

Gold Beach has a great picturesque bridge over the Rogue as well as a nice beach.

It should be a great trip!

So we pretty much decided to go the 58 to 97 route; we don't want to get down to Reno too late or else I would love to check out Lassen National Park. We'll definitely be going by Lake Tahoe on the route from Reno to SF. We're not quite sure on the route back to Oregon yet though; although I would love to go up Hwy. 1, Google Maps says the route takes around 14+ hours (taking Hwy. 1 all the way from SF to where it hits 101 at Leggett) and we were hoping to make the trip in one day, since we have plans the next day. Seeing some of the reviews though, I would really like to check out this route.


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