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Interactive Map of Germany's 2030 Infrastructure Plan

Started by kernals12, July 15, 2023, 04:35:05 PM

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Here's something I wish everyone did: the German Government has an interactive map of all the road, rail, and water projects from the 2015 infrastructure plan to be completed by 2030.

Let's take one example, this one on a stretch of the A1 near Bremen

The last row shows what the project entails. Here it says "E8". That means it's an Erweiterung or Expansion, of the highway to 8 lanes.

For projects where a new road is to be built, they have an "N" for Neu.

And they don't just do it for big autobahn projects. They also map where they plan to bypass little villages with new 2 lane roads.

And things get even cooler when you click on the "projectdossier" button.

They map out traffic counts predicted with and without the project on all nearby roads and they show how it changes.

They also lay out the cost-benefit analysis and environmental impacts.

It's a great way to kill a few hours.

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