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Oklahoma City meet: Summer/Fall 2022?

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This is to gauge interest in an Oklahoma City area meet for either the late summer or the fall of 2022. My primary goal is to avoid as much of the primary severe weather season as possible to avoid a disruption and/or early end to the meet if our itinerary happens to coincide with a damage zone. (Iím obviously NOT going to take the group into a damage zone to sightsee, because thatís just not how good Oklahomans do things.) For at least one potential POI, the secondary reason of giving the wide range is to avoid Oklahoma Sooners football games in Norman (for which I have the schedule already). Early thinking is somewhere in the late July to end of October time frame, but I donít know if potential attendees would prefer a fall meet (and accompanying risk of our secondary severe weather season) to the scorching heat of July or August.

Potential points of interest include but are not limited to: Ongoing I-235/US 77(Broadway Extension) at I-44 construction; new Kickapoo Turnpike, John Kilpatrick Turnpike SW extension; Historic US 66 (recently signed through OKC proper); Oklahoma City Boulevard (former I-40 Crosstown alignment), Southwest 34th Street at the I-35 bridge in Moore (I-35 may be reconstructed in Moore and Norman in the next few years, this would be to show existing conditions.)

Interest, sure.  Ability to attend is different.

Yes, put me down as interested.  Most any late summer/early fall time should be good.

July is way too hot. I'd rather risk the small chance of tornadic weather than to be stuck in 110 degree heat. October works way better.

Cannot commit yet.  I'm weighing my Hawaii plans - which must be executed this year.


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