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Control cities without direct access to downtown

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Control cities that don't have direct access to downtown
Eau Claire Wisconsin (have to exit and use either US 12 or US 53 to get to a road that leads to downtown) since I-94 don't have an exit that leads to downtown without using US 12 or US 53

Baltimore on I-70  :-D

New York City on I-80 in NJ. Exit 53 connects to US 46, NJ 3, and NJ 495 for Midtown NYC, but not Downtown. I-80 connects to I-95 for Uptown NYC, but not Downtown either.

I-49 whenever AR completes it won’t have a direct route to Downtown Fort Smith.

264 in Greenville used to be like that. You had to make 2 turns to get to downtown. Farmville Blvd ended at 14th Ave.

Dirt Roads:
In days gone by, neither I-85 or I-40 in North Carolina had direct access to downtown Durham.  Over the past two decades, downtown Durham has expanded south of the North Carolina Rail Road such that the Durham Freeway (NC-147) is becoming an unofficial border to the south of downtown.  There are still some large high-rise developments to occur along the Durham Freeway before this transformation is truly complete.  But after all these years, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park (DBAP) now feels like a downtown stadium.


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