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Control cities without direct access to downtown

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I-295 in Maine uses Augusta going north, but it ends in Gardiner.


--- Quote from: TheStranger on January 23, 2022, 06:01:33 AM ---here are California examples that come to mind...

I-5: Los Angeles (requires I-10 or US 101 from the south, or Route 170/US 101 or Route 110 from the north, Redding (requires either Route 273, Route 299 or Route 44)

--- End quote ---

Also San Francisco for I-5

US 70 West, Arizona. Plenty of signs give 100+ mile distances to phoenix. Route terminates in Globe, and the remaining 88 miles are traveled via US 60.

Interstate 294 enters neither Indiana nor Wisconsin despite having those states for its control "cities". It doesn't technically count because states aren't cities, but I think it's close enough to mention.


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