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Control cities without direct access to downtown

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Dirt Roads:
Fayetteville, North Carolina falls into this category, but wasn't originally planned that way.  Exit 52 for NC-24 was anticipated to be the main access to downtown Fayetteville for anyone not brave enough to trek down Green 95.

Long before the arrival of I-95, both US-301 and NC-87 had bypassed downtown.  And parallel to the construction of the I-95 "bypass", NC-24 was placed on an extension of Bragg Boulevard that also bypasses downtown.  So upon completion of I-95, there was no direct access to downtown Fayetteville.  The new I-295 has a Morganton Road exit that provides direct access to downtown, but I seriously doubt that anyone on I-95 would ever use that routing.

Are we talking city limits, or the actual central downtown area/CBD?

Either way, Buffalo NY on I-90 qualifies.


--- Quote from: roadman65 on January 21, 2022, 11:22:42 PM ---New York City on I-80 in NJ. Exit 53 connects to US 46, NJ 3, and NJ 495 for Midtown NYC, but not Downtown. I-80 connects to I-95 for Uptown NYC, but not Downtown either.

I-49 whenever AR completes it won’t have a direct route to Downtown Fort Smith.

--- End quote ---

I-49 will be MILES from downtown.

Almost all the 2di highways in Michigan with the exception of Detroit and I-69 in Flint bypass the downtowns.

I-75: Travels through downtown Detroit then it bypasses downtown Flint and Saginaw with connections made via I-475 and I-675 respectfully so I wouldn't count those they have connections via a 3di.

I-94 goes through the downtown in none of the cities it travels through in Michigan. It comes closest to traveling through downtown Detroit but misses it by a mile or two.

I-96 also doesn't enter any downtown in Michigan. Coming the closest in Detroit missing downtown by a mile or two as well.

I-69 only travels through downtown Flint.

jp the roadgeek:
Scranton and Boston on I-84 (need I-81 to the Expressway to Nowhere Central Scranton Expressway and I-90 east from Sturbridge)
Providence on I-384 :) It's not even the best option
Boston and Portland, ME on I-95 (I-93, I-90, or US 1 for Boston; I-295 for Portland)
Washington on I-95 (I-395, US 50 among the options)
Springfield and Worcester on I-90 (Need I-91 or I-291 for Springfield; and I-290 or MA 146 for Worcester)
Albany and Montreal on I-87 (need to use I-787 from the south or head east on I-90 from the north. And of course, I-87 ends at the border).


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