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I-26 was literally a parking lot for several hours this morning. Traffic was backed up more than 10 miles into South Carolina at one point due to a tractor-trailer that overturned in “the dip” between MM 62 and 61 shortly before 8:00 AM. Unfortunately, this has been the location of numerous tractor-trailer incidents over the years, including a fuel tanker that overturned and caught fire last October, also closing down the interstate for several hours.

Same crap, different day on I-26. Gotta love the people turning around and using the median crossover.

So, this shows the list of funded projects?


--- Quote from: tolbs17 on June 13, 2021, 11:46:49 AM ---So, this shows the list of funded projects?

--- End quote ---

This appears to show projects approved for funding at the June meeting.

I don't read this to be the entire list of funded DOT projects going on in North Carolina.


Will this bridge get replaced?


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