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Both I-40 and US-421 (former Business 40) need to be 6 lanes between Winston-Salem and Greensboro with current traffic volumes.

I figure it varies from state to state, but is there a AADT you would look for before a highway needs 6 lanes?  8 Lanes?   I was looking at the AADT's from 2019, and some of the numbers surprised me. I was surprised to see the stretch of 40 between Hickory and Conover ranged from 58,000 to 68,000.   Interstate 40 through Winston Salem ranged from 98-128,000.   Not sure if there has been any talk of widening that stretch to 8 lanes.

There's far more variables than "whichever state you're in".  Things like truck percentage, directional distribution, hourly distribution, distance between interchanges, and many other factors.

40 is very saturated in truck percentage

Latest update regarding NCDOT's budget problems.


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