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--- Quote from: plain on May 28, 2021, 10:59:42 PM ---
--- Quote from: tolbs17 on May 28, 2021, 10:14:53 PM ---I wonder why a bascule bridge wasn't considered.

And according to that plan, the old one is to be demolished i'm sure.

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The roadgeek in me don't mind a new swing bridge at all  :bigass:

But yeah, I was about to ask the same thing you did. Maybe the residents in that area don't want anything in the air there, no matter how tall (short!!) the draw span is. How many times does the bridge open during the week anyway?

Or maybe it's a matter of cost. Which draw option is cheaper?

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Forgot to reply to you, but Alternative D-Mod would be the cheapest alternative. That would have been a fixed-span bridge compared to the more expensive draw-span bridge.

D-Mod: $18,000,000

B (15 feet): $31,000,000

I'm surprised NCDOT went with the more expensive option!

It's like doing the same for the Kinston bypass....too...

Did you even read the link you provided?  It explains why NCDOT went with Alt B.


--- Quote from: froggie on September 28, 2021, 09:50:48 AM ---Did you even read the link you provided?  It explains why NCDOT went with Alt B.

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Yes, and it's because the city of Hertford and others all supported it.

Beginning early Thursday morning, there will be a traffic pattern change at the I-440/Western Boulevard interchange. Also noted is that the conversion to a DDI is expected to be complete in November.

Raleigh is putting finishing touches on it's plans for widening Six Forks Road, which is heavily traveled.


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