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--- Quote from: Interstate 69 Fan on January 17, 2018, 10:15:28 AM ---Here’s a video of the Bypass: - Around the 3:15 mark, you can see a I-140 sign, confirming my theory the Bypass is signed as I-140.

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Is NC 140 down to US 17 now also signed as I-140, or no?

And is the future I-140 leg east of I-40 now NC 140?

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Based on a comment on the Facebook SERoads group, I-140 signs have replaced NC 140 west (south) of US 74/76, the NC 140 mile markers though remain. A check the NCDOT traffic camera at the I-40/I-140 interchange showed the overhead signage still the same with the route marked I-140/US 17 heading west, so presumably the ground-mounted US 17 signs to the east have not been changed either.

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Can confirm that. Reclinched I-140 on New Year's Eve and the NC 140 section had stand alone shields for I-140.

The rest of the signs at each end remained unchanged. Updated Interstate-Guide with photos from 12-31 already.

I have posted photos of 'new' NC 140 signage along US 17 in Scotts Hill and, below, a mile marker approaching I-40 courtesy of J. Austin Carter:

Along with new images from the other end of other end of I-140 at US 17 on my I-140 in NC website:

Apparently, the milepost marker has it signed as NC 140, not I-140.


--- Quote from: Verlanka on June 19, 2019, 05:11:17 AM ---Apparently, the milepost marker has it signed as NC 140, not I-140.

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East of I-40, it is NC 140.  As to why, it is when NCDOT was told it could be I-140, no good explanation has been made except, maybe the end ramps at US 17.

It's a nice bypass and it's fun to drive on! I'm surprised why some parts of it is signed NC 140 and not I-140.


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