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Mileage Mike:
They'll probably have to tear down that Tyvola interchange. There's virtually no room in the median to expand and it doesn't look like two more can fit on the outside of the current lanes.

Mileage Mike:
Construction to begin on I-77 toll lanes on Monday

Third Strike:
Does anybody know when the Idlewild interchange on Independence Blvd is going to reopen? Seems like they've been working on it forever, and the eastbound ramp still isn't finished. Not to mention work on the Sharon Amity interchange has finally resumed after almost a year. Is this project still slated to be completed by the end of 2016?

I believe one of the bridges that would be impacted by any I-77 widening is a railroad bridge near Tyvola Road. I have no clue how THAT would work.

Third Strike:
Every single overpass will have to be torn down for I-77. The only way the Tyvola interchange would survive is if they only decide to add just two lanes to the project. As it stands, the NCDOT wants to add four, two on each side, and very likely auxiliary lanes as well. I believe this project will be one of the most expensive projects ever taken on by the NCDOT. The road essentially has to be rebuilt, along with ROW acquisition. I'm also wondering if the toll lanes will link with certain interchanges, like the I-485 one.


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