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Another article passed along to me from Carter:

Interstate 95: South Carolina's most dangerous sleepy hollow

--- Quote --- Total number of miles and total fatalities from 2002 to 2006 due to fatigue or sleeping

I-95: 198 miles, 42 fatalities

I-26: 221 miles, 7 fatalities

I-77: 90 miles, 3 fatalities

I-20: 141 miles, 2 fatalities

I-85: 106 miles, 0 fatalities
--- End quote ---

Interesting stats. I'm not sure if there's a direct correlation between I-95 itself and the number of fatalities, it can also have to do with the fact I-95 being a long-haul route, and most people already having driven many hours from either Washington or Miami on I-95, and they fall asleep in South Carolina.

Plus, there are no major population areas outside of Florence. The 200 miles seem to drag on for hours.

And having a 4-laned interstate for a long-haul route doesn't help much either.

I'm not so surprised about the statistics in fatalites. For one thing the hotel and lodging industry takes advantage of the road charging $60 - $70 a night for a hotel room. And more and more rest areas are being closed down and besides who can actually sleep in a car ( yes, I have tried it). Oh and gas prices have made it hard to afford decent lodging.

$60-70 for lodging really isn't that expensive.  The article could also be written for NC.  We have the same problem on I-95 here.

It is because of the two states being pretty much the mid-point between NY and Florida. 


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