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Should all of I-87, and I-587 get lighting along the highway and at interchanges?

I would say these would all be the most useful spots.,-77.4391524,15z,-77.6112,15z,-77.854015,15z

This junction really needs it!,-77.9613034,14z


Both these interchanges..,-78.0242836,14z

Here would be nice. I wish this interchange got upgraded to something like this though.,-78.3091518,15z

Make the interchange of US64/US264 look like this (without the flyover) and traffic would be better I'm sure to prevent weaving.,-78.5970587,15z

You can post more than just I-87 and I-587!

Which interchanges should get lighting at what highways?

Why?  I-40 SE of the Triangle doesn't have it, except for the I-95 interchange.  87 east of Zebulon is rural except for Rocky Mount and Tarboro and what will be 587 is rural until Wilson. 

To prevent accidents and people wouldn't forget where to turn. I'm sure that part will get lighting once I-40 to I-95 is widened.

I say towns with a population of 5k and where the interchanges go to should have lighting. We live in a town where there's no lighting and our highways are very dark.

Telling you man, when they make I-587 it will be so goddamn dark. Even New Jersey has brighter highways.

I-87 too as well as the Knightdale bypass.

If anything, the trend is towards less light pollution, not more.


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