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From the north along I-95 to Tampa Bay/ SW Florida

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If we drive the whole way and we aren't going to stop near Jacksonville, I sometimes head across to I-75 further north. A few years ago Mapmikey suggested using Georgia's Fall Line Expressway from Augusta to Macon. It was a good route (and it is substantially more complete now than it was then), so I've been thinking about going that way again. We connect to Augusta via either I-77 or I-95 to I-20.

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This is getting off topic but IMO I wouldn't use the Fall Line "freeway" to go from Augusta to Macon. Instead I would use I-20 leaving Augusta to GA 44 (exit 130, Greensboro), then take GA 44 to US 129 to Macon.

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I might do that someday when I have more free time because Iíd like to visit the Uncle Remus Museum in Eatonton.

Coming south today, our visit in Lake Asbury was postponed because our friend is moving, so I took I-10 west to US-301, then south (including Alt 301 around Starke) to FL-326 (I actually took the turn before that, 77th Street, due to a clump of slow trucks and a red light). This was a very good route; the 70-mph Starke bypass is a nice road, and overall traffic was so light that getting back on the Interstate was a bummer. Note there is a big construction project underway on I-10 at the US-301 interchange. Not sure what theyíre doing, and it didnít really delay us, but the temporary signage appeared to confuse a trucker who swerved at the last minute and almost caused a wreck.

I've noticed that temporary construction zone signing in FL can be hit or miss (no pun intended). The signing for the I-95 north on-ramp from I-295 north/outer loop north of Jacksonville is atrocious at the moment.

The last time I drove through Orlando, I didn't avoid I-4 at all.

The I-4 Orlando plague has sadly spread beyond Orlando. I-4 between I-75 and the Polk Parkway West exit is also a disaster anymore, specifically near all of the Plant City exits. I have to drive from the Orlando area to Pinellas County this weekend and Iím expecting a 3+ hour minimum drive with 2 major accidents along I-4. Sometime my GPS has told me itís only 10 mins longer to take the Turnpike all the way up to CR-470 in Sumter County and take it over to I-75 to get to the Tampa Bay Area with all the Traffic on I-4.


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