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--- Quote from: NJRoadfan on July 29, 2021, 09:21:45 PM ---E-ZPass roads will not send a violation if you have the vehicle plate associated with your account. This is a fallback in case your tag doesn't read. It applies to other member agencies as well as CFX charged my E-ZPass account when my SunPass tag didn't read (my E-ZPass was wrapped in foil to prevent possible double charges). I know E-ZPass will send a note to the account holder if excessive no-tag transactions start occurring as its usually a sign that the battery in the tag is failing. Even though I'm an account holder, matching up a plate to an account still costs a bit more than just having a tag read.

--- End quote ---

I imagine that we are heading closer and closer to a national toll tag system run by various private entities, some who will be (or not) carry franchises in the lower 48. 

With the question of road fuel taxation still in flux as there is a movement to EV's, there will be an increasing desire to collect revenue from non-fuel based transportation.

Fact #1 is that the ability to collect data on personal movements will be just too hard to resist.

State revenue collection, law enforcement, insurance companies will all have massive interests in seeing a national toll tag system in place.

If they decide to do this, then highway fuel taxes 'technically' could be abolished because you won't need both.


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