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Why only 65 on most of I-95 in NC?

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I noticed that there are only two sections of I-95 that allow the 70 mph interstate maximum on that particular interstate in North Carolina.

1) The Fayetteville Bypass.
2) From Kenly to the VA Border.

Now I am aware that the first section of I-95 to be opened in the Tar Heel State was from Fayetteville to Kenly, hence the many interchanges that are all close together.  Now that is understandable for that stretch, but from the SC Line to Fayetteville the interchanges are spaced a great distance apart.  This section should be able to handle a full 70 mph, with maybe the Lumberton area that might need the lower 65.  Otherwise, it is a pretty straight run.

You forgot about a third section of I-95 that is signed at 70 mph, and that is south of the interchange at I-74/US 74 outside of Lumberton.

The reason that I understand why most of the interstate in NC is posted at 65, is for that same reason between Fayetteville-Kenly, and the other reasons between Fayetteville-Lumberton, the structures are too aged, I know last time I was through there, in 2019, NCDOT was widening the interstate, and reinstalling new bridges, and exit ramps...

A lot of I-95ís 65 mph zones could be changing over in the next decade. Over 50 miles of widening from 4 to 8 lanes is either under construction or will be later this year, and expand the segments between I-74 and the southern end of the Fayetteville Bypass, and from the northern end of the Fayetteville Bypass to I-40.

More information regarding widening projects:

All of these segments are currently posted at 65 mph, though widening plans show a design speed of 75 mph, which indicates those will likely all go up to 70 mph once widening is complete. This is what happened to I-85 north of Concord when those segments were 8-laned in the past decade as well. That would create a continuous 70 mph limit for 81 miles between the South Carolina state line and I-40, leaving only 26 miles of 65 mph remaining between I-40 and Kenly.

Great that this thread was revived from 2011!!!

And the answer imo is that it's mostly in urban areas.


--- Quote from: tolbs17 on February 16, 2021, 11:59:08 AM ---Great that this thread was revived from 2011!!!

And the answer imo is that it's mostly in urban areas.

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