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Detroit - US 10 shields

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can you get photos?  US-10s are always good to see, even if they are not cutouts.  I'm nowhere near Detroit so I can't do it myself ...

Steve (AlpsRoads) is going to be in town next week.  That might be as good a time as any...

By the way, there is still at least 1 old school cutout US 10 shield (along with vintage I-75 (MI) shield) on EB Trumbull immediately before the SB I-75 Service Drive.  There might still be one (old cutout US 10 shield) on the NB I-75 Service Drive north of Trumbull, but that I'm not sure about.

Dan, I saw those in April, 2008... the link I posted was to them.  Just in front of Tiger Stadium.

yeah i live right off that discommised duplex of US-10 and I have not seen any evidence, that would be cool to see the duplex on my daily commute, more signs = more power :clap: :nod: :nod:

Stephane Dumas:
I spotted on the following link this vintage this vintage picture showing a US-10 shield on Woodward Avenue


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