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POLL: Fall Trivia Nights

Started by DanTheMan414, August 25, 2009, 06:45:11 PM

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After a hiatus through most of the summer, we plan on resuming our regular Road Trivia Nights this fall in the AARoads Chat Room.  Which night(s) of the week would generally work best for you to either participate in, or run, a trivia night?



We will probably resume the trivia nights the week after Labor Day, so depending on the voting, we'll start taking volunteers for hosting trivia nights in a few days.  Thanks!

Roadgeek Adam

I can volunteer for the second after Labor Day :)
Adam Seth Moss
M.A. History, Western Illinois University 2015-17
B.A. History, Montclair State University 2013-15
A.A. History & Education - Middlesex (County) College 2009-13


The people have the fall gets under way here, so too will our regular trivia nights.  Based on the response, Saturday evenings, generally starting around 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT, will be our designated time for testing your roads knowledge...starting possibly as soon as this coming weekend.

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