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2022 Road Trip Plans

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I'm thinking of doing a cross-country drive in the early summer, starting from my corner and making my way over the East Coast via the Southwest, then looping back via the northern tier. I've done some long trips around the Northwest (but always within a day or two of home), so hopefully I'm prepared enough to try this.

So far, my draft route looks something like this: Seattle > Astoria > Crescent City > Sacramento > San Francisco > Sequoia NP > Los Angeles > San Diego > Las Vegas > Grand Canyon > Phoenix > Tucson > El Paso > Albuquerque > Denver > Cheyenne > Rapid City > Sioux Falls > Omaha > Lincoln > Kansas City > Oklahoma City > Dallas > Houston > New Orleans > Memphis > Nashville > Louisville > Cincinnati > Indianapolis > Chicago > Cleveland > Pittsburgh > Philadelphia > Atlantic City

Thinking about going up to Wisconsin to visit my brother in Madison in the summer - while I'm there, I plan on going to one of the waterparks at the Dells, as well as to Milwaukee for a Brewers game. This would be in late July, around my birthday.

Also that summer, I might visit some friends in Colorado.

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Baton Rouge in February (if not sooner)
Ottawa, Ontario in May
Seattle/Portland in July (I'm not driving from C-bus to the Pacific Northwest [and back] however)
Helena/Clarksdale in October, or Oklahoma City if that roadmeet comes together then.
All assuming I don't change jobs in the next year.

No family trips planned yet for 2022. I have one 3-day clinching trip mapped out in Illinois to get the remainder of interstate mileage and visit the remaining counties that I'm missing. Don't have it specifically scheduled yet but hoping to get it in before the end of March.

My first child is being born on Thursday, so alas, no permanent plans can be made for a while.  I'm guessing his first trip will probably be a simple one to Kansas City to visit his grandparents.


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