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June 22, 2014 -- the Alanland thread was locked. Started on Aug. 21, 2012, the original topic lasted less than two years before it ran its course. It was locked again after a brief reopening several months ago, but many of the lasting themes from the thread live on in references in other posts.

Hard to believe it was eight years ago when the thread got shut down.

This was a mere few weeks before I joined the forum, in early July of that year. I barely missed the thread, but I was young (and immature) so itís doubtful I would have had great contributions to the thread.  :)

By the time I joined and got acquainted on the forum, Alanland was already lore from the past, and some lore it was. Who couldíve imagined the strange, one-off original post could have inspired such an expansive, enduring, and beloved lore that we still hold dear to this day. I know Goat Jesus would and would not be proud. Long live Alanland!  :cheers:

Perhaps we should begin planning the celebrations for 10 years since Alanland's creation/discovery.

I wouldn't mind celebrating by road tripping across all 15 North American countries.

Roadwaywiz can do a Live show of the drive for those that can and can't make it.


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