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CT Turnpike and Merrit Parkway Shield as an option for avatar and message icon

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So, I understand that the CT Turnpike was pretty much decommissioned back when CT removed tolls, but I have a few reasons why it should have an avatar option and message icon. This is because on Google Maps, I-95 in CT is called the Connecticut Turnpike, so most people will see it like that. Also, to most CT natives, (like myself and my whole family) we still call it the turnpike because that is just what CT natives call it. Also please add the Merrit Parkway Shield because CT-15 is still signed as the Merrit, and the NY Thruway, Penna Turnpike, New Jersey Turnpike , and the Garden State Parkway all have options, but just the CT Turnpike or Merrit Parkway don't have it. Please add this.

You can set your avatar to whatever you want. You're not limited to the pre-installed options. If you want it to be a Connecticut Turnpike shield, knock yourself out.

For message icons, we don't really want to add icons for every single road in the country. Most of the shields are state-level shields so that a reader  looking for topics on a certain state can look at the icon and find them more easily. I'm not sure why we have Thruway/NJTP/etc. as options; if anything I'd advocate for deleting those, as we don't have shields for the Kansas Turnpike, any of the Texas toll roads, etc.

You know, I would like to make my pfp the CT Turnpike, oh wait, I can't because for some reason every one I want to put for my picture is not suitable for the pfp requirements, according to your profile picture thing.

Profile picture size limit is 150 pixels (width) x 80 pixels (height). Copy the CT Turnpike shield into Paint, resize it to within those pixels limits, save it, then you should be good to upload.

Ohhh ok thanks.


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