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Lewis and Clark Bridge between Longview, Washington, and Rainier, Oregon

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Does anyone know the name of the road between the Washington-Oregon border and the US Route 30 junction in Columbia County, Oregon? Washington State Route 433 runs from Industrial Way in Longview at a junction with Washington State Route 432 to the Oregon border in the middle of the bridge. Google Maps incorrectly shows Washington State Route 433 going to the US Route 30 junction when it ends in the middle of the bridge. And there's no Oregon Route 433 there—there's not a numbered Oregon route there at all—so I'm trying to figure out the name of the road from the southern terminus of WA 433 at the state border to the junction with US 30.

looks like it's just the bridge

Oregon just considers the whole thing to be the ramps off US 30 / Lower Columbia Highway 2W. Nothing to really write home about.

At one time, Washington couldn't wait until the center of the bridge to post 433 shields, but had this shield right at the southern end of the bridge proper:

I believe it is gone now.

I've always been supportive of making the Oregon side OR-433, just like we have OR-52 connect to ID-52 in Eastern Oregon.


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