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Does anyone know why Ohio 152 has a gap between Bloomingdale and Smithfield?
Looking at the maps and street view it looks like county road 23 could connect the 2 sections.

Wiki mentions the missing segment was unpaved, and they removed it from the state highway system in the 40's. I guess they never got around to designating it after it got paved.

At one time, ODOT's DESTAPE logs described the gap as being temporary. They now list it as a "physical discontinuity."

About 20 years ago, I asked ODOT District 11 if they had any plans to close the gap by either reinstating the middle section or multiplexing with SR 151 and US 22. They weren't interested. Since it functions as two different routes, I've always thought they should be numbered differently. Making the southern part an extension of SR 647 would seem to do the trick if ODOT was inclined.

I can't think of any other Ohio state routes that have a discontinuity/gap like this. Ohio normally does a good job signing concurrencies and/or renumbering discontinuous sections of state routes.

I can't think of any other Ohio routes with a discontinuity like this, either.  I brought this route up in Fictional Highways not too long ago:

--- Quote from: paulthemapguy on October 28, 2022, 03:09:38 PM ---Now that an intermediate portion of Ohio 152 has been decommissioned, there are two discontinuous segments of roadway with the Ohio Route 152 designation. This should not stand.  The southern end of the southern segment is near the northern end of Ohio Route 647, so the southern part should become an extension of Ohio Route 647.,-80.8348124,11z

--- End quote ---


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