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While looking for SR 100 shields in Street View though Andalusia, I found some AL 15 shields; normally it's a hidden route number for US 29. This most certainly the old routing of US 29 through Andalusia.

Posted at Sanford Road (AL 100) on Three Notch Road
Posted on east-facing AL 55 at Stanley Avenue
Posted on southbound AL 55 (Stanley Road) as a concurrency (?)
Stanley Road at Three Notch, with "To US 29" posted alongside, and a AL 15 South shield on the other side of the road.
AL 15 posted on US 29 South at US 84
AL 15's beginning AL AL 55 from US 29

Sure enough, it's on the ALDOT Covington County Milepost map. SR 100 remains unposted.

I wonder what is causing ALDOT to post more of these unsigned state routes? AL 4 in Birmingham, and AL 15 in Andalusia.


Why is Baldwin CR-27 still posted with AL-181 at the south terminus with US-98? Was this a ďlet it stay until the new number becomes standardĒ and they forgot to take it down? I know CR-27 still exists north of US-31 but is it still secret co-signed with AL-181?

On a related note, AL-181 got new pavement with slightly wider lanes from the future end of the 4 lane section south of AL-104 down to at least CR-44 so I guess the expansion of AL-181 will cease for the foreseeable future. The current 4 lane project is classic ALDOT taking forever to complete. I think the new Publix at AL-104 is long finished but you canít get to into it along AL-181 due to construction so it still hasnít opened.

Looks like a 1.5 mile section of the new US-98 opened to traffic a few days ago between Newburn Road and Lott Road as per this tweet from the ALDOT Southwest Region Twitter: Hi!  Yes a small 1.5 mile portion has opened to traffic between Newburn Road( Schillinger Road) and SR 217 Lott Road!— ALDOT Southwest Region (@ALDOT_SW_Region) December 22, 2022
--- End quote ---
. As for the rest of the 2-lane new US-98 it should open by early 2024: All remaining projects not yet completed have been let and are under construction.

Traveling from Orlando to Birmingham today, I noticed these signs at the US-280/US-231/AL-21 interchange in Sylacauga. My pic today didnít come out good so street view it is

I assume the plastered dual shields were from a contractor error as the sign originally just had AL-21 on it. US-231 has always headed south to Montgomery from US-280 at this point correct?


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