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Below is a link to the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) pages on the Tennessee Tollway Act.

These pages include up to date (Jan. 1, 2009) documents on the proposed pilot projects and their status.

In reading through the general provisions I see that only new highways, bridges and additional lanes will be constructed as toll. So where does the future Interstate 69 and the remainder of future Interstate 269 stand? Are monies already allocated to those specific projects, or will they too be constructed as toll facilities?

IIRC Tennessee is only funding current (read in progress) projects like TN 840.

I skimmed the documents and I-69 and 269 are not on the list of pilot projects.  The only one in the Memphis area is a new Mississippi River bridge near Memphis.  IIRC This one is listed as not going forward as a toll facility due to local opposition and tolls would only partially fund the project.

That's one of the interesting things about the document is that none of the 8 proposed pilot projects (4 highway, 4 bridge) would be self-sufficient via toll revenue.

The other thing is at the end of it the author(s) conclude that restricting it to new highways may make it impossible to find a viable candidate.

Bridge Projects
1) Mississippi River Bridge – Memphis Area
2) Tennessee River Bridge – Chattanooga/Hamilton County
3) Tennessee River Bridge – Benton/Houston Counties
4) Hadley Bend Connector – Nashville Area

Highway Projects
1) State Route 475 (Knoxville Parkway) (shown on AA-roads as future I-475)
2) Knoxville Area State Route 374 Extension– Clarksville/Montgomery County
3) Intra-County Parkway – Sevier County (Galinburg, Dollywood)
4) Mack Hatcher Parkway Extension – Franklin Area/Williamson County (a very short unbuilt portion of a loop bypass)

I thought this article would go along with this topic: :coffee:

Does anyone know when US-78 will be upgraded to a full freeway from I-269 to the Mississippi Border for I-22?


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