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Dallas: Southern Gateway project - Complete Sept 2022

Started by MaxConcrete, April 29, 2017, 11:32:10 PM

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Pegasus Link Constructors (Fluor and Balfour Beatty) has been selected as the best proposer. This is good news, because this is the same consortium which is building the nearly-complete Dallas Horseshoe project. The Horseshoe project is on or ahead of schedule, and the quality of work appears to be very good. Pegasus Links also posts high quality aerial photos monthly.

Bid for main scope of work: $565.8  million + $25.3 million maintenance, total = $589.1 million

The estimate for this project was around $600 million, so this is on-budget.

The proposed deck for the park at the zoo is $90 million, quite expensive and 15% of the entire freeway rebuild cost.



The park on the deck above the freeway at the Dallas zoo is now reported to cost $172 million, which is nearly double the original estimate of $90 million. However, the park design does look very nice. Only half the park is being built at this time due to only partial funding being available. Phase 1 looks much more complicated than phase 2, but phase 1 is reported to cost $82 million and phase 2 $90 million.

The $666 million freeway construction project is scheduled for completion in summer 2022.

QuoteDallas approves deal for design, construction of I-35E Oak Cliff deck park
Southern Gateway Park is estimated to cost $172 million and will be built above I-35E near the Dallas Zoo.

The first phase of development for the park is estimated to cost $82 million. Dallas is contributing $7 million through 2017 bond money, $40 million from the North Central Texas Council of Governments and $35 million in private money raised by the Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation.

The second phase is estimated to cost $90 million but the sources for that money haven't been finalized. The nonprofit is committed to raising up to $30 million.


The foundation financing the deck park has raised $62 million of the needed $82 million for phase 1. The renderings look nice, but only half (in the foreground in the rendering) is in phase 1.

I have not seen any updates for the Klyde Warren park expansion, which is suspended due to the 101% cost overrun of the new decks.


The project is done and it is impressive! I'm surprised I didn't see any official announcements. (Has anyone seen/heard an announcement?)

The pavement quality is amazingly good - smooth as glass with no irregularities. Many new freeways in Texas tend to be bumpy, i.e the car will bounce up and down due to the concrete surface.

I posted roadside and driving photos.

Work has not started on the deck park:

Original freeway at Marsalis

New freeway at Marsalis

Views of the new freeway. See links above for high resolution

Looking north at Ewing

Looking north at 12th street

Looking north at Louisiana Street //

Road Hog

It's fabulous now, but it sucked a month ago when they scrunched 4 lanes into 1 to install signage.

Now we need to get 67 finished and fully opened up.

-- US 175 --

Really nice looking.  Strange to see mixmaster interchange BGSes (I-30, US 75) much farther south than before, but I guess that's better than last-minute surprises and drivers missing exits.



Quote from: longhorn on September 23, 2022, 04:53:37 PM
Isn't 67 being rebuilt between I-35E and I-20?

Yes, and it is complete between I-35E and I-20. Work on this section was much less ambitious than the work on I-35E. US 67 on this section is now 3-1E-3 (E=reversible express).
This link has some photos

South of I-20 to Belt Line, the Southern Gateway project widened US 67 to 3x3. I didn't visit that section so I don't know if it is complete.

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Let's build what we need as economically as possible.

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