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2024 Reno/Carson Road Meet

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Never too early to announce for 2024, right? And since we're in the 2024 fiscal year in Nevada, why not announce what may be the first road meet in Northern Nevada?

Potential highlights may include:

* Downtown Reno and the arches
* Lincoln Highway history and old alignments
* The Galena Creek Bridge, the largest cathedral arch span in the world
* The historic mining town of Virginia City and the historic roads leading there, potentially including some old wagon roads
* Genoa, the oldest European settlement in Nevada
* The famous scenic drives surrounding Lake Tahoe and the Cave Rock tunnels
* Pony Express sites
* The work done in downtown Carson City after US 50/395 was rerouted on the new bypass
* Stunning high desert and Sierra scenery
Time is TBD. I'm open to options. When we hold this will determine what can be seen. If there's enough interest, we could also throw this out to 2 days.

Why am I announcing so early? Curious what people have interest in seeing. There's a lot worth seeing here, so the tour may work best if tailored to only hit some sites.

Max Rockatansky:
Obviously I’m interested given I’m 4 hours away taking a direct route.

Having never been to Reno (only passed through on 80 but didn't exit) this interests me. Too far off in the future to commit but pencil me in as interested.

A.J. Bertin:
Gosh I would love to attend this... but with all the travels I have planned so far for 2024, it's very doubtful that I'd be able to swing it.

I would like to keep this in mind but will see, there may be alot of changes coming down the pike for Steph and I next year but would give me a chance to finish off counties in Utah and Nevada


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