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Started by Alex, January 20, 2009, 09:50:10 PM

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Highway 67 now open for 19 miles

Posted: Jan 16, 2009 10:03 PM

Updated: Jan 17, 2009 08:02 PM

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A ribbon cutting ceremony in Biloxi Friday marked the official opening of the entire 19 mile portion of Highway 67. Motorists can now drive all the way from Interstate 110 in D'Iberville to Highway 49 in Saucier.

A few months ago, the northern portion of the highway opened to traffic. Friday's ceremony was to open the remaining 10 miles of the southern portion of 67.

It was long time coming to state Senator Tommy Gollott of Biloxi, who first suggested to his fellow legislators that Highway 67 be built.

It has taken a while. After all, that suggestion was made two decades ago.

"This is a special day. I have been waiting for this day for 20 years, " Gollott told those assembled for the ribbon cutting.

He wasn't joking. Gollott fought long and hard for this highway.

"I called it the gateway to South Mississippi," Gollott added.

He also pushed to make sure all 19 miles were four lanes. According to Southern District Highway Commissioner Wayne Brown, that decision was the right thing to do.

"A four lane highway is five times safer than a two lane highway, and over time that will save many lives," Brown said.

The highway cost about 72 million dollars to build and took more than six years from the time construction work actually started.

Brown and others agree the new highway will also serve as another evacuation route when a hurricane approaches and will certainly ease some of the traffic on Gulfport's Highway 49.


When are we going to go see that??


I might get some snaps of that early next month while I'm out at the junkyard in Gulfport.


I'm curious to see if Mississippi 15 was truncated to the new trumpet interchange (which was partially open in November) and if so, will they finally get rid of the useless overlap with Interstate 110 south to U.S. 90?


When will see a Mobile-Meridian-Tupelo-Jackson(TN)-I-155 interstate?   :)


that seems almost long enough to be an I-63.
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Quote from: agentsteel53 on January 27, 2009, 02:40:04 AM
that seems almost long enough to be an I-63.

Or a I-61 if I-63 is reserved for another corridor along US45 or in Alabama along US43


I didn't mean call that I-155.  I'm just saying have it tie into existing I-155 in TN then end at I-55.

@Froggie:  I think I can post my wishlist, whether it's not needed now or even in a hundred years.  Passive aggressive douche 10 years ago... Passive aggressive douche today...

How ya been, bra!   :-D


flaroadgeek and I drove the new Mississippi 67 yesterday and all of Mississippi 605 to check them out. Very nice roads so far.

We also checked out the new signage along U.S. 90 at MS 605's south end and U.S. 49's south end. Both intersections have '72 spec'd Interstate 10 MS shields that were installed in December 2008.

I posted some of the photos of MS 67/605 on the blog:

I-10 MS shields will be added later.


Some Mississippi news:

First, there are new Welcome Signs being posted, touting the state as the "Birthplace of America's Music".

So far, signs also have been placed at the Mississippi Welcome Center in Vicksburg off Interstate 20, on I-55 and U.S. Highways 78 and 61 in DeSoto County, I-20 in Lauderdale County and I-10 in Jackson and Hancock counties. Another will go up on I-55 in Pike County this week.


MDOT opened up another 4-lane section on US 84 last week through Jefferson Davis County, including the Prentiss Bypass and a new diamond interchange at MS 13.  There's a short 1 mile segment of 2-lane remaining just east of MS 13...completion of that 1 mile leg will complete the 4-laning of US 84 between Natchez and Waynesboro, leaving just the segment between Waynesboro and the Alabama line (which is now under construction).


MDOT has changed their Hurricane Contraflow Plan on I-59, enabling contraflow operations up to near Milepost 55 (a few miles south of Hattiesburg).  Prior to this, the I-59 contraflow plan only went up to about Milepost 21 in Pearl River County, which caused *A LOT* of consternation during last year's Hurricane Gustav evacuation.

MDOT has the crossovers (but perhaps not the manpower) to provide for contraflow ops up to the south edge of Laurel, and IMO should pursue such.  That'd at least get the glut of evacuation traffic through Hattiesburg, where they'd also have the option of taking US 49 to the north.


Took a spin up to State Line, MS last weekend and checked out the changes to MS 42, MS 57, and U.S. 45 since my last visit there in 2002.

Take a look at some photos, maps, and read when MS 57/63's four-laning will be completed at


Below is some video I took of S.R. 67, from its northern terminus at U.S. 49 to its southern terminus at I-10 & 110 South. Also, S.R. 15 has been truncated to I-10 & 110 South; although, some signs still contradict this.

S.R. 67

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New construction project for I-55/I-220 area

Here's the details:

-Widen I-55 northbound from County Line Road through the I-220 interchange to provide at least three through lanes in both the southbound and northbound directions

-Construct a new connection from I-55 northbound immediately north of County Line Road, which will provide direct access to U.S. 51

-Reconstruct the existing east frontage road, which parallels I-55 between Dyess Street and Goodridge Road

-Construct a new collector/distributor road that will provide access from I-55 northbound and will extend from County Line Road to I-55 northbound just south of the Natchez Trace Parkway

Construction will start in two to three years, depending on funding. This will surely be a mess.

-Construct a new I-220 westbound, two-lane flyover bridge with direct access from County Line Road via a connection from the new collector/distributor road

-Replace or construct various bridges within the project limits to accommodate the new lanes on the Interstate and the new collector/distributor road

-Provide additional through lanes and dual turn lanes on the County Line Road bridge over I-55

-Widen the ramp approaches from I-55 southbound to County Line Road

-Increase the number of lanes on County Line Road to three through lanes in each direction from the I-55 interchange west to U.S. 51 and from the I-55 interchange east to Ridgewood Road


Hey it's about high time for MDOT to get back to work on I-10.  The existing 6-lane is starting to crack, and there are multiple four lane segments that sorely need 6-laning.  I guess this will never happen. :( 


I-10 widening in MS begins.  I-10 will be 8 lanes from I-110 to Exit 50 (4 miles approx.)  In a few years, the six laning will eventually continue to Mile 62.  That will mean a 34 mile long 6-lane in MS (Exit 28 to 62).  Just continuing my dream of having I-10 6-lanes from New Orleans to Pensacola (and by smaller extension Baton Rouge, one day hopefully).  Yes, I know some segments to Pensacola probably won't be 6-laned for decades.

Drivers might as well get used to the warning signs and orange barrels.This widening isn't the only work planned for I-10.

"After this one, the next segment, which may be a couple years down the road, will be Exit 57 and then mile marker 62, the Gautier-Vancleave exit," said Castleberry.


Another article on lamsafl's news on the widening of I-10, scheduled to be completed by the end of next year:

Interstate 10 widening project to begin Monday

QuoteKelly Castleberry, a Mississippi Department of Transportation district engineer, said MDOT will spend about $12.8 million to widen I-10 to eight lanes between I-110 and Miss. 609, about a 5-mile stretch where there are currently six lanes.

Also a project at the intersection of Mississippi 63 and 611:

QuoteIn Pascagoula, MDOT is also working on a long-planned Industrial Road project that will erect an overpass from Miss. 63 to Miss. 611, bypassing U.S. 90 and the CSX railroad.

It would also widen Miss. 611, or Industrial Road, to five lanes up to Chevron's front gate, where it would fall to two lanes. Construction is to begin near Frederick Avenue and Miss. 63, and the Shortcut Road intersection on Miss. 63 is to be relocated northward.

Castleberry said MDOT expects to bid that project early next year, with work to begin by early summer.

The project has been in the works since the early 1990s and will cost $45 million to $60 million to construct.


Mississippi about to unleash a slew of Gulf Coast projects this year.  Here's the list.
Among the interesting ones is a groundbreaking on the "middle section" of I-310 (Port Connector) from 28th St. to The Dupont Spur.  WTF is this?  I tried looking at all the pdf's and couldn't figure it out. 
Here are the pdf's the the final renderings and route alignment of I-310.


I-310 is a suggested route number for that, once it's finished to Interstate-spec.  The official route number for it is MS 601.

MDOT's been planning for years for a better connector between I-10 and the Port of Gulfport.  It got funding via some large bond a few years ago, but getting it under construction has been hampered, first by Katrina, then more recently by increasing opposition to the southern segment not just from the city of Gulfport, but the Port itself (the former due to its elevated freeway design, the latter due to where it enters the Port grounds).

There's also been some questioning of the huge stack interchange planned at I-10.


Wow,  I thought I-310 was all but dead.
BTW: Wasn't I-59 just recently paved from the LA state line up to the next county?


QuoteBTW: Wasn't I-59 just recently paved from the LA state line up to the next county?

South of Picayune and north of Poplarville, yes.  Most of the segment in between wasn't...and that's where the repaving part will come in.


Here's a short video that I wanted share from D'Iberville.

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Check out my YouTube page ( I have numerous road videos of Metro Atlanta and other areas in the Southeast.

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This video follows Goodman Road from Future I-22/U.S. 78 to I-55/69.

Be well,

Check out my YouTube page ( I have numerous road videos of Metro Atlanta and other areas in the Southeast.

I just signed up on photobucket -- here's my page (


looks like they are widening all of the little bridges on I-59 in Pearl River County to add shoulders.  I only saw two or three though.

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