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Oregon Interstates, US Highways and State Routes (Live system)

Started by Bickendan, December 04, 2015, 03:46:21 AM

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Being the first state highway system to go live (can't recall if Yukon/NWT were first), it originally went live as the standards were being developed and codified.
As a result, it turns out that their fidelity isn't where it should be and a number of issues need addressing.

Interstates: Originally drafted by Tim to the Terraserver maps, I later adjusted them to Google's using the imprecise method of visually centering a waypoint (or new shape point). With the Waypoint Editor, centering them to OSM's coordinates. All route overlaps have shapepoints standardized as an overlap shapepoint with the overlapped route (eg, +x1(OR99), +x2(OR99)). This should make future editing of overlapping route files simpler to do.

I-5: Points recentered to OSM, overlaps with OR 99, 138, and 99E, and US 30 reflected in respective routes.
New point: I-5 Exit 299B in the Ross Island Maze, for I-405->Marquam Bridge (and vice versa).
I-84: Points along US 30 recentered to OSM. Non-overlap portions to be done.
I-82: To be done.
I-105: To be done, affects OR 126.
I-205: To be done.
I-405: US 26 and US 30 overlaps recentered. Ross Island Maze and Market/Clay-Fremont Bridge portion to be done.

US highways: I don't remember who drafted these, but they were done without their exit numbers. I had added shape points at some point, but quite a few of them, along with actual points, were badly off in central Oregon. There were a number of points out in the middle of nowhere that were outright removed or renamed with impunity. Exit numbers were added, but their original points were preserved.

US 20: Done.
Business US 20 Toledo: Done.
Business US 20 Bend: Route no longer signed. Removing.
US 26: Exit numbers added along the freeway portion of the Sunset Highway. Original points preserved.
US 30: Exit 73 added (original point, TayRd, preserved). This is a signed Super-2 exit between Astoria and Clatskanie. Route moved off of Huntington alignment and onto I-84 per signage changes; created US30BusHun route.
Business US 30 Huntington: Created route from former US 30 alignment.
Business US 30 Ontario: Done.
Bypass US 30 Portland: Done.
Historic US 30 Columbia River Gorge: Route created along the Historic Columbia River Highway between I-84 in Troutdale to exit 35 on I-84.
'Historic US 30 Lower Columbia River Highway': Not started; there is evidence of old routings of US 30 between Astoria and Rainier, and from St Helens to Portland. These are not signed with shields, and inclusion into the project can wait until the state routes have been cleaned up. Low priority.
US 97: To be done.
Business US 97 Klamath Falls: To be done.
Business US 97 Bend: To be done.
Business US 97 Redmond: To be done.
US 101: To be done.
Business US 101: To be done. Of note: Realignment of southern/western end needed.
US 197: To be done.
US 199: To be done.
US 395: Overlaps with US 20, 26 and 30 done. Otherwise, to be done.
US 730: To be done.

Oregon state Routes: Unlike other states, where unsigned highways are omitted, ODOT's intention was to sign all of their internal highways that didn't overlap with the visible routes. Because of this, all routes are included for the project, whether signed or not, until a formal relinquishment to the local government is finalized (OR 420 near Klamath Falls, for example). Other oddities, like OR 10, which remain well signed despite being virtually completely turned back, and OR 8 along Gales Creek Rd, remain in the system.
OR 3-31: Done.
OR 34-569: To be done.
Specific notes:
OR 18: Exit numbers added along OR 22 overlap. Original points preserved.
OR 22: Exit 16 added at OR 233 Dallas/OR 99W interchange. Original point preserved.
OR 34: Research is needed to determine whether OR 34 has been pulled out of downtown Corvallis and onto the bypass. Signage in downtown Corvallis is ambiguous at best, but suggests the US 20/OR 34/OR 99W triplex is still there.
Bypass OR 34 Corvallis: Route may be deleted and mainline OR 34 rerouted onto the bypass.
OR 35: Points to add: Van Horn Dr, Pine Grove. Advance signage for this intersection as far as 1/2 mile beforehand.
OR 140: Needs to be extended west from OR 62 in White City along Agate Rd, Ave G, Kirtland Rd and Blackwell Rd to I-5 and OR 99 at Exit 35.
OR 155: Needs to be added to system.
OR 281: Add point at Summit Dr.
OR 282: Add point at Summit Dr. In both cases, Summit Dr is marked ahead of time and is used for the cutoff between OR 281 and 282. In addition, the OR 281/282 intersection needs to be repositioned. Whether OR 282's approach around the switchback needs to be shaped out or not is up for debate.
OR 372: Needs to be added to system.
OR 420: Needs to be added to system.

Oddities and connectors: This includes the Oregon portion of WA 409 (a ferry route), WA 433 (the Lewis and Clark Bridge between Rainier, OR and Longview, WA), and the Bridge of the Gods and Hood River Bridge.
WA 409: The road from US 30 to the ferry is not part of any system, but the ferry itself is part of the Washington Highway system. Excepting the Mackenzie River Ferries (because of their ice road equivalents), ferries themselves were omitted as a rule, even if signed with a route number (a la Washington). If this is something that looks to change, this ferry should be included, and the connector road should be, as well, to represent a unified route.
WA 433: The entirety of the bridge is maintained by WSDOT, and until recently, the Oregon side of the span had the WA 433 shield. The lead up to the bridge on the Oregon side isn't part of WA 433, and ODOT only considers it part of the interchange with US 30. Nonetheless, WA 433 in Oregon should be included.
Bridge of the Gods (Cascade Locks-Stevenson) and Hood River Bridge (Hood River-White Salmon): Both are private entity, tolled bridges, crossing the Columbia River in the Gorge. They still are important enough parts of the overall regional highway system to include.

Oregon state Highways: These are the internal highways underneath the external routes, and always follow a number-name combo. Where they differ from their signed routes (Highway 26 Mt Hood Highway follows US 26 and OR 35) could be the basis of another system. Low priority.


Placeholder comment so I can keep up with this thread.  Thank you Bickendam for posting this information!

US 101 is THE backbone of the Pacific coast from Bandon OR to Willits CA.  Industry, tourism and local traffic would be gone or severely crippled without it being in functioning condition in BOTH states.

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