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Northeast / Re: Pennsylvania
Last post by epzik8 - Today at 11:24:48 AM
What happened to the state welcome sign on 83 north?
Off-Topic / Re: Still love your landline? ...
Last post by SP Cook - Today at 11:17:39 AM
Discussions of cell towers versus land lines and VOIP and aspersions to "buggy whips" and whatnot, miss the point.  Almost any habitable place in the country, at one point, has POTS.  This was, more than anything, a governmental decision.  Given the choice, AT&T 1.0 and its imitators (Contel, Centel, Frontier, GTE, United, etc.) would have "cherry picked" towns and cities, and left remote people to do without. 

Fact is the roll out of cell phones, and the roll out of internet or "good internet" has not been the same.  There are 100s of 1000s of places, and thus millions of people who cannot get a cell phone signal and never will.  It does not make economic sense to provide service there, because the return on investment is not going to happen. 

If, as I do, you accept that just telling rural people "too bad" and "figure it out" is a moral, if not political, non-starter, then the question is does government require POTS to stick around, require/subsidize cell service and or internet where it makes no economic sense, and fund it how.  Taxes, or sticking it to AT&T 2.0 and Verizon?
Southeast / Re: Interstate 73/74
Last post by bob7374 - Today at 10:56:22 AM
Google Maps has updated its April 2024 Street View coverage now to include I-40 East through the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway/Future I-74 interchange construction zone. Highlights include new, though covered up, overhead signage:

as well as progress on building the flyover ramps at the interchange site itself:

Further screen grabs can be found on my I-74 Segment 4 page.
Road Trips / Re: Ithaca NY to Washington DC...
Last post by 1995hoo - Today at 10:39:16 AM
BTW. If you plan to drive into DC to go to Chinatown, I recommend parking in the CityCenter garage. Enter either from 11th Street just north of H or from 9th Street (one-way southbound) just south of I. Either way, it's a really big garage, it's less expensive than the Gallery Place garage, and it's easier to get out of than the ones on 8th Street.
Southeast / Re: Atlanta
Last post by Tom958 - Today at 10:14:14 AM
I've been told that the beams carrying the new flyover from southbound I-285 to eastbound I-20 over 20 have been erected. Unusually for Georgia, they're painted steel. The contractor expects to open the ramp by the end of autumn, which seems doable considering that autumn ends in late December. The tie-in to eastbound 20 should be the most difficult part because GDOT shoehorned the project onto the existing right-of-way, leaving little room to work.

I'm also hearing that contracts will soon be let for the 400 managed lanes and for the 285-20 west interchange. Ferrovial, of 285-400 infamy, is said to have the inside track. Oof. Maybe they'll redeem themselves somehow,
Traffic Control / Re: Road Sign UNO
Last post by Hunty2022 - Today at 10:06:19 AM
WA-14 —> 14 Miles to Charlottesville on I-64 West:

Weather / Re: What's your weather curren...
Last post by Ted$8roadFan - Today at 10:03:41 AM
73 with clouds and fog.
Off-Topic / Re: Minor things that bother y...
Last post by JayhawkCO - Today at 09:38:59 AM
Quote from: TheHighwayMan3561 on June 22, 2024, 11:51:57 PM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on June 22, 2024, 03:56:37 PMDoes this ever to anyone else or am I crazy? I will walk to my car in a parking lot, someone will be piddling along in their next to me taking their sweet ass time, then when I get in my car and they notice they start moving faster so they can back out of their space faster than I can and now I have to wait for them to get out of the way. Then to top that off they move like a snail.

My parking lot special ability is it seems like whoever owns a car in an adjacent space to mine is always arriving back at their car at the same time as me, no matter how busy the lot is or where I'm parked. Then I have to wait for them to load up, and of course they frequently have younger kids.

Mine is when I pick my son up from daycare, I make sure I'm next to an open spot to my right to make sure I can get him into his car seat easily. When I come back out, 175% of the time, someone has just parked to my right.
Quote from: Scott5114 on June 22, 2024, 05:49:24 PM
Quote from: PColumbus73 on June 22, 2024, 01:35:01 PMInterstate numbers proposed by politicians should be treated as suggestions

Unfortunately, messages from politicians are inherently white-background, not yellow.

True, but it's not great. I also wonder about a possible day when the Interstate system becomes so full of congressionally mandated interstate numbers that the system becomes unintelligible. It's one thing to have interstates that 'don't fit the grid', but make navigational sense, but it's another that every major highway in someone's congressional district is an interstate because their representative decreed it so.

Unpopular Opinion:

- Incomplete interchanges between Interstates or other freeways are fine, especially if volumes are scant and there's a nearby connection to facilitate the missing movements.
Traffic Control / Re: Road Sign UNO
Last post by Jim - Today at 09:20:16 AM
Washington 14 getting off the bridge from Oregon (which is an unnumbered continuation of Oregon 35) in White Salmon.  March 22, 2024.

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