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Can't log in! Help me!

Started by Gibranal NN, April 21, 2015, 10:56:41 PM

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I just want to log in, but I can't! I know my password at AARoads forum, but I tried using the right password, but it just redirect me to the password reset form. I think that I just forgot my password. I tried using the password reset form but the password reset email doesn't sent yet to my email <e-mail removed>! Please, help me on this. If I can log in then I would return making road-related illustrations.
Tokufan, mecha enthusiast, transport, architecture and cityplanning fan from Jakarta.


I see you were able to login after all. ;)

Anyways, we have problems with any Microsoft based e-mails getting password resets.  That's why you weren't getting any e-mails for it.

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