hard drive crash -- need password sent to restore forum on 2nd computer

Started by sparker/Scott Parker, September 24, 2016, 01:20:02 AM

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sparker/Scott Parker

Sparker here -- had a hard drive crash last night -- lost pretty much everything on laptop #1 -- the one that I originally used to register back in 2009, and continued to use when posting.  I intend to reload the forum on computer #2 (the one I'm using now), but I forgot my password (lately I can't remember where I put my glasses, much less a password from 7 1/2 years ago!).  Please send the password -- or alternately, directions for resetting such -- to the email address on the header above.  Been using my work computer to read & post; but need to shift back to home unit asap.  A local tech is trying to extract info from the hard drive -- got about 70 printed circuit board diagrams on it I need for work -- but it's going really slow.  So -- please send me what I need to get back online with the forum -- post #543 has been fulminating in my head for hours!   Thanks, Scott P./sparker


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