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Author Topic: Big construction project at the Newhall interchange--what are they building?  (Read 5868 times)

hm insulators

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I was in California over the holidays and I stayed at a motel in Sylmar. One evening, I decided to brave the Newhall interchange bottleneck for some prime rib at a Black Angus near Magic Mountain, and as I headed up the I-5 past California 14, I noticed in the gathering dusk huge construction cranes by the interchange and even some large bridge piles (supports) lying near the freeway. Intrigued, I drove through the interchange during the daytime a couple of afternoons later.

Looks like they're doing a major revamping of the I-5/I-210/California 14 interchange? Anybody in the San Fernando Valley area or Los Angeles care to elaborate?
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The construction that's been going on at the Newhall Pass interchange is new Direct HOV Connectors from I-5 to California 14.

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Construction plans are still available:


(In order to find them, I had first to find the Caltrans engineering authorization [EA] number, which--with the district number--forms the Caltrans contract number.  It turns out that if you click on "Project-related press releases," you get sent to a Flash-generated page with links to relevant press releases, all of which have the first five digits of the EA in their URLs.)
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