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WWB Bike/Ped lane now open


Opened up quietly right after lunch today after an invitation-only opening ceremony.  I was in the right spot and was one of the first bikers across the bridge.

'Course, doesn't connect to much on the Maryland side.  The connection to National Harbor is still under construction.

126 photos later, a blog entry and photo page are now up.

Nice photos froggie. That looks like it would be a very neat ride if I ever get the chance...

Though I have a question. In this picture, what is the purpose of the walk signal?

Nice cycling paths, almost Dutch if it wasn't for the yellow markings.

They even marked the MD-DC and I believe the VA-DC line as well on there.  :colorful: Too bad that I can't bike on this at 4:30 A.M. later this month :-|


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