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If we look at the exit list of the Austin Toll Roads TX-130 and TX-45 (they run concurrent for a significant distance), you'll see exit numbers in the 400 range.

Is there any reason for such high exit numbers? Both roads are nowhere near 400 miles long.

Just a guess, but they probably plan on extending the road further, so aren't quite sure at what mile-marker that part of the road will be. Give it ridiculously high exit numbers and if you renumber they won't be close to the originals to confuse people  :sombrero:


Someone made a video of this toll road... notice there isn't a damn car on the tollway. It's in the second half. I guess the words "texas" and "tolls" do not belong in the same sentence.  :-D

Revive 755:
I think TX 130 was eventually intended to be part of the I-35 Trans Texas corridor.  That said, the photo doesn't show enough space under the overpass for any future truck lanes or six railroad tracks in the median.

The problem with the toll is it's too expensive (especially for trucks), so you'll continue to have horrible traffic through I-35 in Austin.

Make it free for trucks, and you'll suddenly have no trucks going on I-35 and solve two problems. But, that's the problem with toll roads as opposed to free roads.



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