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Rapid City area road construction and South Dakota's first DDI

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This thread highlights major road construction projects in or near Rapid City, with a main focus on the diverging diamond at I-90 and Lacrosse Street, and the widening of West Omaha Street.

I-90 Lacrosse Street Diverging Diamond- website | facebook
Omaha Street Reconstruction Project- website | facebook

Original post:
So on my way to and from work on I-90 between Exits 61 and 63, I've noticed that the Mall Drive extension has started construction, except for the portion where it ties into the service road routing. And yet the signs on Americas Way still all show a Seger Drive extension instead, with one sign at the end showing what they're actually doing.
Also, the first roadway forming the Shepherd Hills development (shown in plans as an extension of Valley Drive) seems to have stopped after finishing the curbs for a few hundred yards, and the Anamosa extension looks like it's still just graded dirt (at least, that's how it looks from the last turnoff to the Menards parking lot).
Are there any other road projects in the Rapid City area planned anytime soon (namely, extending Cheyenne Boulevard to Radar Hill Road and rebuilding Highway 1416 as a three FIVE lane undivided highway), and what is the timetable on Anamosa Street and Valley Drive?

After a little more searching, I found something else: South Dakota's first Diverging Diamond Interchange will be at Lacrosse Street in Rapid City, but I can't seem to find a timetable for construction, or when it is supposed to start.

EDIT: Construction is planned to start in 2020, though no specific month is given.
UPDATE: Construction has stopped being delayed, and preparations are underway for construction to start in February 2021.

The Ghostbuster:
There are no DDIs here in Madison (although one was built at Exit 177 on Interstate 39/90 in Janesville). There may be two DDIs constructed on Stoughton Rd. (US 51) in the future. The present-day diamond interchanges for US 12/18 at 51, and STH-30 at US 51 have been proposed to be converted to DDIs. Construction of such is likely a long way off (completion of the FEIS for the US 51 Stoughton Rd. corridor study is not expected until the fall of 2022, assuming they don't push the date back again.)

Dang, I never realized how much Rapid City likes SPUIs. If more areas get DDIs, there will be less confused tourists here, where DDIs are everywhere.


--- Quote from: ozarkman417 on September 23, 2019, 10:09:16 PM ---Dang, I never realized how much Rapid City likes SPUIs.
--- End quote ---

At least one of those SPUIs is justified: Exit 60. Here's what it looked like before it was an SPUI:

The north-south road bridging over I-90 on the right is Dyess Avenue, which now dead-ends at the interstate on both sides.


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