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The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has launched a $5 billion,15 year project. Details are at

More details to come.

Some of the changes are:
Indian Nation

--- Quote ---Indian Nation north of Daisy, Indian Nation at SH-63 near Blanco, Indian Nation at Indianola, Indian Nation at US-69 in McAlester.

--- End quote ---
Will Rogers
6 lane from Catoosa to Claremore
New interchange at Glencoe
HE Bailey

--- Quote ---HEB at SH-5A/Cookietown, HEB at Fletcher, HEB at Cyril, HEB at Cement, HEB at Norge, HEB at SH-92, HEB at Amber

--- End quote ---

The Turner is getting most of the love. 6 lane from Kellyville to OKC:

--- Quote ---The Turner Turnpike is a vital turnpike corridor that connects Oklahoma’s
two metro areas.  Improving safety and convenience on this road is a priority for the OTA. This reconstruction/safety project will occur between I-35 and Bristow. These projects will create an “urban turnpike corridor”  with lighting, wider lanes and the addition of lanes. It will allow for the future creation of truck-specific and HOV lanes for quick and safe access. Design package to include interchanges at Post Rd, SH-102, SH-18 in Chandler, N3503 at Davenport, SH-99 in Stroud, S 481st at Depew and SH-16 and
SH-48 at Bristow.

--- End quote ---

WOW, the OKC changes are HUGE!

Extend the Kickapoo south and west to connect with I35 north of Purcell
An E-W connector from the Kickapoo along Indian Hills Road to I44
JKT extension from OK152 south and east to I44 near Earlywine GC.
6 lane JKT from I40 to existing 6 lanes at MacArthur
Directional ramps at Lake Hefner Parkway (EB to SB and NB to WB)
Extend frontage roads past Council to Countyline with a full interchange at Countyline

Missed one. They will complete the Gilcrease in northwest Tulsa

--- Quote ---This project completes the western loop around the Tulsa metro area. The project connects from the northern terminus of the new Gilcrease Expressway West at Edison north and east to LL Tisdale Parkway. It will help relieve urban traffic congestion during peak periods. It will also provide a new and more direct route to city attractions and points of interest in the Tulsa urban core. This will bolster safe access to Tulsa along with economic growth and opportunity. Includes interchanges at Newton St, Apache St, N 41st W Ave, N Gilcrease Museum Rd, Osage Dr, LL Tisdale, MLK Blvd.

--- End quote ---


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