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US 58(Midtown Tunnel)/I-264(Downtown Tunnel) and MLK Freeway Extension

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Plans for the MLK Freeway Extension and the parallel Midtown Tunnel are moving forwards. and if unable to be found to find the current proposal go to the link above then go to document library scroll down to "Procurement" and click on "Elizabeth River Crossings conceptual proposal"             

These projects have been needed for a while, however, I am not sure about how many would want to pay a congestion rate toll going to Downtown Norfolk.  Also does anyone know a proposed number for the MLK Freeway Extension(mine would be US 460 taking over US 460 ALT's old route as stated in earlier posts, US 460 would also follow US 58 through the Midtown Tunnel to Granby St in Norfolk)?

I seriously don't see people using that... especially not PAYING to do so.  :pan: The only point of it that I can foresee is providing a connection between the Western Freeway and I-264, which doesn't seem necessary IMO due to the fact that the two freeways run parallel. Traffic coming from downtown Norfolk to I-264 WB might use it to avoid the Downtown Tunnel and Berkeley Bridge, but not if there is a toll... meh, until someone shows me some statistics that show otherwise, I'm sticking by my theory that no one will use it...

Well no one I know would pay a toll to avoid the Downtown Tunnel. It's not bad enough to warrant people traveling through a good bit of Norfolk on surface streets to the north, then turn west and go through a tunnel, then take another freeway back south to I-264. Too far out of the way AND tolled. Too much more of an inconvenience than dealing with the Downtown Tunnel.

The realization here is that if this proposal goes through that citizens of Portsmouth and Norfolk will have to drive to I-64 or US 13(Military Hwy) to avoid the Tunnel tolls.  I doubt that many would do that but I could see some desperate drivers not wanting to pay a toll clog up I-64 or even US 13.

froggie, I think even areas like Ghent would still be closer to I-264 downtown, though EVMS maybe not... all I know is that there are much more needed things VDOT should be concerned on than extending the MLK Freeway. Widening the Midtown I'm good with, just not tolling it.

And 74/171FAN, I agree... I'm sure there are people who would do that. Hell, I would!


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