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Although the proposed re-alignment of K-10 on the southeast side of Lawrence continues to be holed up by a lawsuit challenging the Environmental Impact Statement and a lack of funding for construction, work is underway on the mitigation called for in the EIS.  Recently, Senator Roberts and KDOT Secretary Miller toured the wetlands:

It what appears to be a new record: Mike Caron wrote this editorial response:

I'm planning on writing a response to this letter, but, like Sun Tzu, it helps to know your opposition. I managed to exchange a few emails with Mr. Caron. His view (as well as many others opposed to the 32nd Street SLT) is that the EIS process was a "hack job" and that any reasonable person would reject 32nd Street SLT.

Also, when he refers to "10 lanes," he's referring to the combined K-10 and 31st Street. 31st Street is the real "wild card" here, because there are indeed wetlands on both sides of the existing roadway, and almost everybody anticipates that it will be 4 lanes some day.  If you relate the anticipated 31st Street widening together with the SLT, it’s clear that a direct impact on the wetlands is unavoidable. As a letter writer, I have to explain to the everyday people why placing 10 lanes here is better than placing 4 lanes here and 6 lanes elsewhere :)

Comments would be appreciated

Richie Kennedy
Kansas Highways

They need to hurry up and build it, because traffic on 23rd Street was awful 8 years ago.  I can't imagine how bad it is now.

They also need to build a freeway from the K-10/I-70 interchange north to meet US 59 near where it meets US 24.  And reroute US 59 onto this new road.  I read somewhere that this won't be happening, but it is still needed.

This comment was posted in the J-W comment board today.

--- Quote ---There is abundant evidence in KDOT's own correspondence, and the manner in which HNTB configured the south of the river alternative, to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the EIS was “cooked” from the start to show exactly what KDOT wanted to demonstrate: that going south of the river was “more expensive” and less viable than paving the wetlands.

The highway engineer who was hired by the Prairie Band Pottawatomie Nation had no trouble finding a long list of ways that HNTB had deliberately inflated costs and used “apples and oranges” in making things come out the way KDOT wanted them to appear, supporting the 32nd Street plan. Those who do not understand the process actually think impartial government scientists and engineers “studied” the options. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality KDOT contracts with someone like HNTB, who has more inbreeding with that agency than anything Eisenhower warned about in his famous “military-industrial complex” speech. Check out Deb Miller's resume for a start. The list of HNTB staff who used to work for KDOT, and vice versa, is long and revealing. They know how to stroke one another for fun and profit. Guys like Richie and George get their shorts in a knot worrying about commies under every woodpile, but they pay little attention to the way government and corporate entities create lucrative merry-go-rounds that are the primary welfare system they should be concerned about. No entity in the federal government has been more corrupted by this system of back scratching than the Corps of Engineers, an agency that grew fat budgets and bureaucracies feeding powerful committee chairs expensive pork for the homefolks.

--- End quote ---

J N Winkler:
Could someone please let me know if there is a real argument in there?  Attacking Deb Miller for having worked for HNTB during the 1990's is a bit much--do they want Dean Carlson and Mike Rees back?


--- Quote from: J N Winkler on June 01, 2009, 09:42:14 AM ---Could someone please let me know if there is a real argument in there?  Attacking Deb Miller for having worked for HNTB during the 1990's is a bit much--do they want Dean Carlson and Mike Rees back?

--- End quote ---
I think he's saying that Deb Miller is no different than Dean Carlson - and that the EIS isn't worth the paper it's written on.

Seeing how I've sent you a copy of the EIS in question, i have to ask you - do *you* think that the EIS is a 'sham job.'


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