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--- Quote from: leifvanderwall on October 10, 2009, 10:55:40 PM ---I think I-73 is better served on the US 23 corridor and besides I think we have enough interstates gobbling up US 220 as it is. Is there a conspiracy to get rid of US 220?

--- End quote ---

Which part of the US 23 corridor?

The Kentucky-Virginia part doesn't need an interstate designation, neither does the section from Columbus to Portsmouth.

I disagree. Perhaps on my next roadtrip I'll take US 23 from Columbus to Atlanta, GA.

(Off-topic discussion about alternative I-73 has been moved to Fictional Highways.  Please remember that all discussion of nonexistent, non-planned, and alternative highways goes there.)

Keep in mind that I-73 is supposed to go on the Smart Road near Blacksburg and over to I-81 in the Roanoke-Salem vicinity. It will be a prohibitively expensive upgrade to convert US 460 from Blacksburg to Bluefield into an interstate.

The citizen's group, Virginians for Appropriate Roads, have filed with the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Judge James C. Turk's decision allowing VDOT to proceed with planning/building I-73.
VAR believes that VDOT did not diligently consider upgrading current US 220 to Interstate Standards vs. building a new alignment for I-73.

Even if they win the appeal, VAR concedes that VDOT can still study US 220 and decide to build I-73 on a new alignment.


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