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Interstate 71 miscellany thread (Ohio Mile 61 to Cleveland)

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--- Quote from: SkyPesos on September 28, 2021, 08:58:39 AM ---
--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on September 28, 2021, 07:10:30 AM ---When I drove I-71 NB in Columbus heading to the Cleveland Meet, I was shocked in that heading northbound it exited off of itself in order to access I-70 EB.  Personally, I see that as a bigger concern than north of downtown, but what do I know.

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You’re referring to the single lane NB 71 movement in the western I-70/71 interchange right? I think that whole interchange will be redone in the coming years as part of Phase 6 in the “70/71 Ramp Up” project, but as of now, there’s 2 alternative routings to avoid that: 71-315-670-71 or 71-315-270-71.

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Yes, you are correct.


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